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Composed of Freemasons of both sexes, fraternally united without distinction of race, religion or creed, or sexual orientation, The Honorable Order of Universal Co-Masonry has established a system of workings that is both ceremonial and symbolic and that allows its members to erect a Mystic Temple to The Great Architect of the Universe and to the Perfection of Humanity.

With the knowledge that Masonry provides the best means for the Perfecting of Humanity, The Order aspires to attain its ideals by creating an international organization that extends Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth to all its members. Universal Co-Masonry has established a Masonic Government that ensures the maximum liberty compatible with a voluntarily accepted discipline and organized upon the precepts of the Ancient Mystery Schools, the Scottish Rite, and the English Rite.

The Order seeks above all to realize on earth the highest degree of moral, intellectual, and spiritual development for all Mankind; this being the prerequisite for all happiness that each individual can attain in a fraternally-organized Humanity. The Order professes no dogma. Instead, its purpose is to search for Truth. In Lodges, discussions and debates on social, philosophical, or religious questions have no other purpose than the intellectual enlightenment of its members, and thus enabling them to reach for a greater understanding of themselves and Humanity. This is accomplished all in the pursuit of fulfilling their duties as Freemasons.

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Masonic Civil Society Institutions:

Masonic Philosophical Society
Philosophical Society

Creating centers of philosophical discussion on Religion, Esotericism, and Science without dogma or prejudice.

Masonic Publishing Company
Publishing Company

Providing high quality and invaluable writings that have influenced the minds of humanity throughout the ages.

Masonic University of Arts and Science
University of Arts and Science

An institution designed for those that seek the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.

"Truth is lived, not taught."


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