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Bertha WIlliams

Born: 2/13/1905 12:00:00 AM Died: 6/19/1978 12:00:00 AM

The fourth Grand Commander of what is now Universal Co-Masonry, Brother Williams was a lifelong poet whose inspiration knew no earthly bounds. As Grand Commander, she served in this capacity from 1959 to 1968, leading Co-Masonry with strength and grace. Brother Williams stood up to adversity and trials with bravery and a cheerful disposition, dedicated to serving her brothers, the Order, and all of Humanity.

A quiet, reserved, and stately woman, Bertha never let the material dull her sensitivity to the higher regions from which she drew her art. Brother Williams wrote "Covenant With Light" — a beautiful poetic anthology which includes musings upon Freemasonry, Humanity, and the Divine. It is transparent, from both the life that she lived and the poetry she left as her legacy, that Bertha Williams was a resplendent example of all that a Co-Mason should attempt to become — tireless, gentle, intuitive, completely overcome with an adoration of God and the entirety of his creation.

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"If I have seen further than
others, it is by standing
upon the shoulders of giants."


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